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Increase is an independent, full-service & consultancy company for the playground industry. We offer design and consultancy for playgrounds, playground equipment. Increase is een onafhankelijk, ontwerp- & adviesbureau voor de speeltoestelindustrie. Wij bieden ontwerp en advies voor speelterreinen en speeltoestellen.
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Playground equipment

INCREASE can manage the complete process development cycle for playground equipment, or support you in any of the different development stages.


Differentiate yourself in the market with your own, unique design. From the very beginning of the project, we monitor all relevant technical and creative aspects. This way we create playground equipment that are qualitative, fun and certifiable. We keep a close eye on your target cost price to ensure the play sets are economically viable.

We use the most advanced 3D software to create visualisations, technical drawings and BOM lists.


Avoid errors and expensive revisions by involving INCREASE from the very beginning of your plans for new developments.

Playground layout

The layout of a playground is a complex matter, whether it concerns a school or a public playground. Together we look for an ideal classification of different zones depending on accessibility, type of play, target age group and circulation routes. The presence of water, urban furniture and public infrastructure will influence the layout as well.


We guide you through the multitude of falling heights, free spaces and impact areas. We create playgrounds and playscapes with a the highest play value that comply with all European safety standards and regulations.


If you have plans to renovate the playground of your school or make it greener, do not hesitate to contact us.

Accessories and kits

Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge of materials and production techniques, we develop accessories for playground equipment that are original and of high quality. We work independent but have access to a network of manufacturers and suppliers that produce tailor made products in plastic, wood or metal.


We analyse the economic viability to ensure the cost price per piece and investment costs remain within budget.

Instruction manuals and packaging

All playground equipment and accessories must have an instruction manual with a number of mandatory requirements. INCREASE provides all off these required content and warnings and presents these in a coherent, graphic layout.

Publicity material and displays

Both online and offline it is essential to present your products clearly and unambiguously.


INCREASE supports you in translating your story graphically to your potential buyers.


Your own display is a ready-to-sell solution for your retailers that can perfectly be presented as an end display in bigger stores. We make sure this display is filled optimally and can be easily transported.


Consulting on EU standards

Different safety standards apply for private use and public use of playground equipment and accessories. For each type of playground equipment additional standards might apply, physical and chemical.


INCREASE shows you the way in the complex maze of European and national guidelines, directives, decrees and standards. We clarify your responsibilities as a manufacturer of equipment or as playground owner.


Playground equipment for private use must comply with EN71 standards, REACH regulation and the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.


Playground equipment for public use must comply with EN1176 and EN1177 standards and national decrees.

Consulting on American standards

More and more European manufacturers want to sell their products in the United States. The regulations are different from the European requirements.


INCREASE advices you in all safety regulations and standards that apply in the USA.


Playground equipment for private use must comply with ASTM F963 and F1148 standards, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and the Child Safety Protection Act (CSPA).


Playground equipment for public use must comply with ASTM F1487, F2373 and F1292 standards, CPSC guidelines and specific state regulations.

Audit of play equipment

INCREASE analyses your playground equipment and formulates recommendations to take appropriate actions. We can do this based on a technical drawing you supply us.


We can also perform a physical audit on location with the use of official inspection probes. Certain loading tests can also be performed.


We write a clear and comprehensive report that lists the results of our findings.

Audit of instruction manuals

INCREASE makes sure your instruction manuals and other printed material comply to all legal regulations and warnings required in terms of content.

Organising certification process

Testing and certification of your products by an external inspection agency is a time-consuming and costly undertaking. INCREASE works with all mayor testing agencies (TÜV, Bureau Veritas, SGS, LNE,…) and speak the same professional language on a daily basis. That is why we are very familiar with their procedures and philosophy.


We are confident to discuss their findings because of our in-depth knowledge and experience of the standards.



  • We help you choose the right testing agency, according to your market demands and those of your customers.


  • We gladly organise the entire certification procedure for you and can vouch for the entire communication with the external agency.


  • INCREASE ensures the testing and certification of your products proceeds as fast, smooth and inexpensive as possible.

Consulting on certification in Asia

A lot of playground equipment and accessories is manufactured in Asia. INCREASE has a lot of experience and local connections in the Far East and can point out your responsibilities, as well as the Asian manufacturer’s responsibilities.


There is also the possibility to test and certify your products in Asia to safe valuable time and money. Most of the big European inspection agencies have local Asian branches and offices.


INCREASE is well-known with these local agencies and can help you with a fast and smooth certification.

Risk assessment

Playground owners in Belgium are obliged to perform a risk assessment and document it. Identifying the dangers and evaluating their risk is a delicate matter. INCREASE is qualified to perform this risk assessment for you and substantiate it.


The output is a well-documented report that allows you to take appropriate prevention measures when necessary. The playground owner does retain the overall responsibility. A well-executed and documented risk assessment is therefore indispensable in the unfortunate event of occurring accidents.

Inspection of public playgrounds

As an owner you would like to keep your playground in the best shape possible. Routine visual inspections, operational inspection and annual main inspections are not only expedient but required by law. INCREASE can assist you in inspecting your playground or its equipment.


We document all of our findings in a clear report that describes the condition of the playground and equipment. Also preventative measures are formulated and included.

FSC and PEFC certification

Consumers today are looking more and more for environmental friendly and sustainable solutions. The FSC and PEFC labels guarantee a responsible forest management worldwide, making it an interesting asset for your wooden playground equipment.


INCREASE can guide you in all necessary procedures and actions that should be undertaken before you can label your products with the FSC or PEFC logo.