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Increase is an independent, full-service & consultancy company for the playground industry. We offer design and consultancy for playgrounds, playground equipment. Increase is een onafhankelijk, ontwerp- & adviesbureau voor de speeltoestelindustrie. Wij bieden ontwerp en advies voor speelterreinen en speeltoestellen.
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WEKA Holzbau

INCREASE was asked by the German manufacturer of playground equipment WEKA Holzbau GmbH to design a spring toy based on a famous and well-known German cartoon character  “Tabaluga” (© 2016 Tabaluga Enterprises GmbH).


WEKA has acquired the necessary rights to use the image of Tabaluga (© 2016 Tabaluga Enterprises GmbH) to develop a spring toy. Certain visual aspects and instructions had to be respected however.


Different aspects were considered during the design process, including shape, colour and specific safety standards for rocking equipment (EN1176-6).


The first design was sent to the license holder of Tabaluga (© 2016 Tabaluga Enterprises GmbH) for verification, and afterwards a prototype was built.


The result is a spring toy made of full HDPE panels. The CNC-nesting was also optimised to obtain a minimum of residual material.


INCREASE developed the accompanying assembly instructions and organized the whole certification process by an external inspection company so that the finished product meets all applicable safety rules and standards.


The result is a truly unique and fun spring toy!


WEKA Holzbau GmbH