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Increase is an independent, full-service & consultancy company for the playground industry. We offer design and consultancy for playgrounds, playground equipment. Increase is een onafhankelijk, ontwerp- & adviesbureau voor de speeltoestelindustrie. Wij bieden ontwerp en advies voor speelterreinen en speeltoestellen.
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School playground

A small local school in the Antwerp region (Belgium) came up with the idea to transform a part of their completely paved play area into a green, natural one.


Driven by the parents’ committee, a concept was developed together based on the needs of the school, the parents and the children, taking into account the limited available budget.


The result is a fun play area which was shielded from the paved play zone (which is used mainly as football square).


  • The entire surface was covered with a thick layer of wood bark. Loose trunks are a multifunctional playing element for the children and also serve as seating during outdoor classes.


  • A sandbox was constructed which also serves as a long jump pit during sports practice.


  • A long bench was constructed using pavement stones that were recovered.


  • A stage with platform heigth 60cm was created and anchored securely.


  • Several plants were strategically planted to create a natural separation between different play zones.


The safety was accurately analysed during the entire project and evaluated meticulously in an extended risk analysis.


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