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Increase is an independent, full-service & consultancy company for the playground industry. We offer design and consultancy for playgrounds, playground equipment. Increase is een onafhankelijk, ontwerp- & adviesbureau voor de speeltoestelindustrie. Wij bieden ontwerp en advies voor speelterreinen en speeltoestellen.
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Blue Rabbit 2.0

The development of the new Blue Rabbit 2.0 range of playground equipment for private use was completely realised by INCREASE from A to Z.


Drawings by hand served as inspiration for styling the new concept. Afterwards 3D CAD parametric software was used to develop the concept technically in detail.


We build the prototypes ourselves in the warehouse so the range could be inspected and certified by an external accredited German inspection agency (TÜV Nord). The complete communication and management of the certification process was organised by INCREASE as well.


Next we organised a huge outdoor photoshoot, during which we were challenged by a tight deadline, a logistic relocation of the playtowers and the search for a suitable outdoor location, a photographer and models. The shooting of a promotional video was also managed at the same time.


A direct communication with the manufacturers ensured a close follow-up on production, in which components could be closely monitored and adjusted when necessary.


Finally all instruction manuals and packaging were designed graphically to prepare the complete range for actual sales. A brand new website was developed to promote the new series.
A range of 4 play towers, 2 swing sets and 6 modules were developed in 2014. Because of the huge success, INCREASE already developed two extra play towers and two extra modules, that were launched in 2016. Also in 2018, the range will be further extended with new products.



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