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Increase is an independent, full-service & consultancy company for the playground industry. We offer design and consultancy for playgrounds, playground equipment. Increase is een onafhankelijk, ontwerp- & adviesbureau voor de speeltoestelindustrie. Wij bieden ontwerp en advies voor speelterreinen en speeltoestellen.
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About us

Our mission

We support customers in designing and developing playground equipment, accessories and playgrounds.


We assist you on all aspects regarding safety regulations and standards, thanks to our specific knowledge of the playground niche.

As a service company, we only offer services and never products.

We work totally independent so you choose your own suppliers and manufacturers without obligation.

Our focus lies specifically on the playground industry, given the complexity of this niche market.

We are both active in the market for private (residential) as for public (commercial) use.

We have all essential competences in-house and are qualified by Speelom, the Belgian authority on training and courses regarding playground safety.

We work for manufacturers of playground equipment, as well as for playground owners.

Why choose us

Pragmatic & creative

Our specific knowledge and experience are not only theoretical, but also practical.


We have affinity with these kind of products, their construction and how they are manufactured. We combine this with innovation and creativity to develop unique concepts in line with your infrastructure and strategy. This will distinguish you in the market and increases your competiveness.

Integrated & complete

We identify all relevant design aspects from the very beginning of the project to avoid surprises and extra costs in later stages. For instance: material, construction, play value, standards and cost price.


This way we develop mature, qualitative and safe products that are immediately certifiable and economically viable.

Flexible & complementary

We can manage the complete process development cycle for playground equipment, from idea up until manufacturing. We can also support you in any of the different development stages.


You choose the level of our involvement for INCREASE to be complementary to your own strengths.

Experienced & specialised

We are internationally active and have a lot of contact with different renowned inspection agencies, in Europe as well as in the Far East.


We are very familiar with their methods and way of working. We are confident enough to confront them and discuss our point of view, if we believe this is necessary. The interpretation and application of European safety regulations is different from country to country and even from agency to agency.

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